Will 2012 Be Another Good Year for Recruitment in Private Equity?

by Gail McManus 6. January 2012 13:22

Despite the economic conditions, we saw a relatively stable recruitment demand across Europe in 2011 and increasing demand in some emerging markets. In Europe, we saw a shift in the types of roles recruited for rather than any increase in volume. In particular, there was increased demand for fund raising, investor relations and fund investing experience at all levels with more modest levels of hiring in the direct investment teams.

Will 2012 Be Another Good Year for Recruitment in Private Equity? - Private Equity Recruitment

Nevertheless, the direct investment demand for associates soaked up a raft of 2009 bankers and by the end of the year European recruiters were struggling to put strong shortlists together from this depleted analyst pool. Looking forward, the 2010 bankers now have a bit more experience and they are starting to make their appearance on recruitment shortlists. The increased uncertainty experienced in the banks at the end of the year has resulted in some analysts and associates feeling increasingly threatened and thinking about their future. We saw their uncertainty reflected in increased enthusiasm for private equity roles.

We also saw mid-market private equity interest in big four lead advisors and financial due diligence managers throughout the year and we had a sense of improving quality from these backgrounds. More...

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